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We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. Find answers and general information quickly about Battery Guru, how to use it and on various topics by selecting a category below.

What happens when I subdue an app?

    • Battery Guru kills any subdued app that starts to run in the background without your permission.

I don't know what this app does! Should I ignore or subdue it?

    • Generally, it's always best to search it on the web to see what it does. If you still can't tell, ignore it to be safe.

Can I still use an app if it's subdued?

    • Yes! Battery Guru only kills subdued apps if they are running in the background without your permission. So if you open the app, Battery Guru ignores it until you close it!

Which apps should I subdue?

    • Subdue any apps that you either never use, or only use actively. Such apps could even include games, tools, internet browsers, and more! If you can't think of a reason why it needs to run if you're not actively using it, subdue it!

Which apps should I ignore?

    • Some apps do need to run in the background, even if you don't have them open. These include email, text messaging, social media, and other apps from which you expect notifications and updates.

How is Battery Guru different from other task killers on the market?

    • Battery Guru is the first of its kind in that you only need to tell it once, and it remembers your choices and automatically takes care of everything. No ads, and no constant prompts.

Does Battery Guru have a power toggles widget?

    • Yes! You may add it to your home screen just like any other widget.

I don't need the power toggles notification. I already have one!

    • Visit the settings page in the app to toggle the notification bar and other settings for the app.

I can't swipe apps in the list like the instructions tell me to. How can I ignore apps?

    • Visit the settings page in the app to add "tap to ignore" functionality if swiping does not work.

My phone has started acting strangely since subduing apps! What do I do?

    • Go back over your list of subdued, and verify that (1) you know what it is and what it does, and (2) it doesn't need to be running in the background.

Why is my battery temperature showing red?

    • Your battery is too hot, and needs to cool down. You can cool it down by placing your phone on a cool, hard surface in an open area or room. Avoid putting it on soft surfaces like the bed, carpet, or pillow, as these lead to overheating.

How much battery power does this really save?

    • The effect on your phone's battery power varies based on how many apps you've subdued, how you use your phone, and other factors. Some people have reported double the battery life, while others have reported little change.

How do I use Battery Guru?

    • See instructions here

What else can I do to save power?

    • Visit the "Battery Saving Tips" here

How do I change the temperature unit?

    • Visit the settings page in the app to change the unit and other settings for the app.

Swiping doesn't seem to work for me, and is a bit glitchy. What do I do?

    • A very small number of phones do not show the swiping functionality properly. If that is the situation you have, go into the Settings page and check the box to use 'tap' rather than 'swipe' functionality.

I seem to be getting many notifications about rogue apps. Is this normal?

    • It takes a few days for Battery Guru to catch a majority of rogue apps on your phone when you initially download and install it. Just keep subduing, stopping or ignoring apps as Battery Guru catches them. The notifications will stop within a short time period. Battery Guru remembers your choices and keeps those apps subdued, stopped or ignored until you specify otherwise.

What's the difference between stopping and subduing?

    • When you subdue an app, Battery Guru monitors it in the background and puts the subdued app to sleep as it comes alive. Apps are naturally programmed to restart themselves after a while when they are killed, so Battery Guru continues to put any subdued app that wakes up in the background to sleep. When you stop an app, it is stopped and prevented from even waking up, until you wake it up yourself.

Can I still use an app that is stopped?

    • When you open a stopped app, it is no longer stopped, and Battery Guru removes that app from the stopped list. It becomes a rogue app until you stop it again. Therefore, only stop apps you don't plan on using, or go back into battery guru and stop them again when you've opened them.

Auto Wi-Fi isn't accurate enough for me. Can I still use it?

    • A very small percentage of phones' location services do not work accurately when Wi-Fi is off. If that is the case for you, go to Settings tap the "Active Location Scanning" radio button. This allows your phone to check your current location every 15 minutes instead of waiting to be updated. This does take a little more battery power than Battery Guru's default setting. So use it only if the default setting is not working.